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About Me

My name is Ashton MacKenzie. With over a decade of systems administration and information technology experience I have hopped the fence into development. I’m excited to contribute my extensive networking and server administration experience to help independent workers to take more control of their lives.

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Today’s modern information systems need to be effective, efficient, and available. But for too long, as technologists we’ve been leaving aside how environmentally damaging our tools and processes can be. I’m committed to reducing excessive server load wasting money and resources that in aggregate affect the climate.

And offscreen, I’ve been knitting and painting my entire life.

Work With Me

You Need:

  • Strong technical experience from the silicon to the backend.
    • Troubleshooting is what I do, and everyone benefits from having a bridge across the technology domains when service outages require multiple expertise to address.
  • Accessible communication on technical topics, for a variety of audiences.
    • My clients at PCC, NuHarbor, and VT Digital Services appreciated the brief technical explanations of work done, impacts, and change management plans.
  • Technical mentorship in networking and systems administration, and how these relate to foundations of program development and cybersecurity.
    • As I gained seniority at PCC, I started training junior admins. My flair for teaching helped when I was finishing out my years at Champlain College part-time and leading my cohort to build each others’ skills at Flatiron.

Who You Are:

You believe that the best employees are grown, and you don’t wait for the perfect person to land in your lap. Someone who is passionate about your organization’s mission is rewarded with pathways to do more to serve your industry and your clients. Your managers care about helping their reports unlock their productivity and your top decision makers listen to your clients and your employees when considering the organization’s strategic direction.

If any of this sounds like you, feel free to try to poach me. I will do everything in my power to help you find the fit you need in a technical employee, even if that doesn’t turn out to be me.