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  • SQL Server Tips I Learned This week
    Always remember to name the SQL implementation when searching for how to write a query so that you can ask for how a thing you remember working in one implementation works for the one you’re landed with.
  • Mastodon Out Of Space Diagnostics with tootctl
    Tools I use to look for the underlying cause to see if it is something other than neglecting (optimistically) to turn on retention policies for remote content.
  • So How’s The New Job Goin’
    Honestly, this is about as soul-shattering as discovering that I liked (a proper, scratch-made) ranch dressing (on pizza, even). I think I might actually like Java.
  • Work Treats
    Hello, if you’ve landed on this page you have probably encountered a treat I brought to the office. I will be keeping nutrition blocks, photos, and recipes of the treats I bring here so that you can reference them and make them yourselves.
  • How do you accidentally have a mastodon server?
    From 403s on every page to running my own mastodon instance, deploying is pretty hands off these days.
  • March – A Retrospective
    If you don’t schedule maintenance yourself, maintenance will schedule itself for you.
  • Migrating from Standalone Email to Hosted Email on | Troubleshooting SPF and DKIM (Part 2)
    The Thrilling Conclusion you’ve been waiting for! Did he ever get DKIM configured properly? What email service did he migrate to? Was there any downtime??