A Tea Party To Celebrate Signing Some Paperwork

What are we celebrating?

A lot of milestones and life events that we didn’t always celebrate at the time! Including one upcoming one.

  • 🎂 This year, Madeline and Ashton are turning 30!
  • 🎓 Madeline graduated Champlain College in 2016, and then again in 2018
  • 🎓 Ashton graduated Champlain College in 2020
  • 🏡 Madeline and Ashton moved out on their own in 2014, again in 2017, and bought a condo in 2019
  • 💼 Madeline got her first programming job in 2017, got promoted and got different positions in 2019 and 2021
  • 💼 Ashton got his first systems administration job in 2017 and then got different positions in 2021 and 2023, as well as a career change in 2022.
  • 🌺 In 2020, after a lot of soul-searching Madeline transformed and blossomed. 🌺
  • 🚗 Madeline learned to drive and got her first car in 2022!
  • 💞 Ashton and Madeline found great friendships over the years! Including lovely intimate friends. You may spot them around <3
  • 🚲 After many years of chronic health issues, Ashton is finally feeling a lot better! He’s now exercising and using an e-bike to get around!
  • 💎 We learned so much about ourselves and each other. Ashton and Madeline are celebrating 10 years of commitment to being in each other’s lives!

Things to do in the area!


Quick Answers / Reference:

  • Why is there a passcode?
    • Prevents randoms from registering themselves
  • What should I wear to the tea party?
    • Whatever you want, does not have to be fancy. Dobrá has a mixture of seating at various heights and some of the seating is lower down in a shoe-free area. If that latter category sounds attractive to you, then dress accordingly.
  • What food are you planning to have?
    • We’re planning on having a mix of food from an Indian restaurant we used to date at and some more Western options as well. This may evolve over time. We are also working with Dobrá to see what food they have in house.
    • Dobrá does not have a liquor license but there will be a variety of teas that have caffeine- or not – as you require.
  • Did you guys want any….
    • We don’t really expect gifts, but if you do want to give us something it would be greatly appreciated! Here are some ideas: Charitable contribution to local queer/trans advocacy and support groups; help + ideas for kitchen/craft storage or media center or porch; towels / linens, kitchenaid stand mixer attachments, potato storage.
  • Dry wedding party?
    • You know why.
  • Will there be a pub crawl at some point?
    • There could be! You have an extremely rich territory to crawl in this area – breweries are everywhere and you’ll be tripping on them. Go nuts.

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